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Nexa Evergreen aims at giving you an opportunity to become an entrepreneur by retailing our wide range of reliable products also sharing the opportunity with others who would like to do the same. Our revenue sharing model gives our associates abundant scope for generating sizable earnings thus enabling them to be self reliant. Our processes are simple to follow and we offer you all the personal support, including product training and sales assistance require to become the high flier as you aspire to be. Nexa Evergreen reassure very satisfying income and munificent livelihood opportunity. Our Marketing Plan is a cumulative plan where you never drop from the level of achievement and keep on achieving higher levels i.e. to say that your earlier efforts and achievements are always counted in your bonus calculations. We provide lucrative business opportunities with a concrete earning source. 110 Cash effective sales and marketing plan allows you to reach out to people and retail our products, allowing you to earn decent amount as well!



Our mission is to develop to provide luxury plot to the middle class society at very affordable cost. We also aim to develop smart house and plots in most of the smart cities in India by 2025.



As a team of entities operating with the efficiencies of one powerful company. Nexa Evergreen has the knowledge and expertise to handle the job safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. Mission:

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