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Dholera is an ancient port city located in the state of Gujarat. It is about 109 km from the famous city of Ahmedabad. In 2009 the Gujarat government decided to work on the redevelopment of Dholera and make it India's first smart city. Dholera is being developed under the DMIC (Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor) project as the first smart city project and is therefore designed to have smart facilities.

Even buying a plot in this city keeping in mind the objective of building your dream home or office is a very good decision. It's hard to overstate the myriad benefits that you can only enjoy being a part of.

Nexa Evergreen aims at giving you an opportunity to become an entrepreneur by retailing our wide range of reliable products also sharing the opportunity with others who would like to do the same.


Dholera SIR can be called one of the revolutionary smart strategic city projects of India. The huge project with huge potential has created a stir among a large number of smart property investors who are now looking to partner with it. Buying property in Dholera Smart City would be a sensible and most lucrative investment option in the market.


It is the only greenfield smart city and is developing rapidly. With consistent help from both the state and central government and optimistic response from customers, the conspiracy is already on its way to a massive economic victory.


The Dholera Smart Project is a primary priority for international businesses and companies. Currently, it is the main destination for real estate investment within India. NEXA EVERGREEN in DMIC Corridor has many investment opportunities in residential, industrial, commercial plots. DMIC Corridor has many residential projects and it chooses the best location for their projects.

We also have an expert team in the geography of NEXA EVERGREEN. He is skilled in town planning and Dholera Social Investment Area Development Authority campaigns. These experts support the business to select the right location for residential projects in NEXA EVERGREEN Dholera SIR in DMIC Corridor for higher revenue and amenities.


The rate of a plot in NEXA EVERGREEN Dholera is certainly attainable at unbelievable prices which makes it an absolutely lucrative transaction for every level of investors. The value of NEXA EVERGREEN Dholera SIR residential plots makes it one of the best exciting investment options in the real estate landscape in India as it can be credited on a low-cost model. Still, if you really want to invest in NEXA EVERGREEN Dholera SIR in the DMIC corridor then it might be wise to consider Dholera SIR residential plots price. Though the amount depends on the area and the extent of the plot you wish to buy, you can avail of several flexible plans at all times to invest in your property for the long term.



NEXA EVERGREEN is a real estate developer in Gujarat connected to the DHOLERA SIR project in which you can invest for profit. Take a plot in Dholera city and see your profit growth in the future.

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NEXA EVERGREEN provides many services like Residential plots, space for business companies, cargo & logistics hubs, and provides Financial Consulting Services, offers tailored business Analysis and advisory services, etc.

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